Gangsta – The beginning of the end (Part 1)

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The wind hit my face gently and i inhaled the fresh air deeply, taking it all in greedily. It was a warm day in comparison to the usually dull, let’s not forget awfully wet, days here in the city of London.

London. This place was just gorgeous in its own unique way. Sure the weather could be a pain the backside but the place had this eloquent charm about it. I lay on the soft grass beneath me with my eyes closed. It was so peaceful despite the chatter of people that were clearly having such a fun time around the area. I smiled, feeling good overall. It was officially the summer holidays and I was finally having some time to myself rather than having to worry about my never ending exams. Believe me, the exams and the amount of revision for each one of them never seemed to end. But I guess it made sense to have that amount of workload when you’re studying one of the hardest and complex subject. So as soon as summer came around, I decided to literally ditch my studying and just enjoy because I deserved it. And that’s what I was doing. Enjoying the unusual day here, right in the middle of my campus that has the most amazing garden. The gardens were magnificent around here so I figured it was the best place to chill out for the day.

The blissful feeling was short lived, however, as I felt something utterly cold smack against the side of my cheek. My eyes shot open in an instant as I quickly sat up. There it was, an icecream cone sitting on top of my chest rather comfortably, resulting in an absolute chaos elsewhere. How the hell.. 

“..oops…” a mousey voice came from above me, a voice I knew way too well for my liking. I looked up, with the best menacing glare I could muster, at the culprit.

Meera Malhotra. Also known as my diaper friend, colleague, room mate and a bigger klutz than myself. Right now though, she was none of the above because I was about to murder her. Slowly. Painfully.

“You better take off those manhoose heels right now, if you do not wish for sprained ankles, Meera Malhotra.” I spoke, in what I’d assumed was a threatening tone.

I stood up slowly and the icecream cone dropped on the ground next to my backpack. She had the damn icecream sprinkled on top and decorated with a few layers of sauce that were undoubtedly stuck on my shirt at that moment. Oh you are so dead girl. Meera laughed nervously, starting to take clumsy steps back, away from me.

“Gosh your top looks so good with them..umm..yummy looking things! Where did you purchase it from?” she gushed, obviously hiding the sheer amusement behind it all.

“Well let’s see, it was gifted to me a moment ago?” I spat, I was seething as I took steps towards her.

She stopped walking backwards, causing me to stand directly in front of her.

“I bet she’s a great friend” she replied, grinning at me. How dare she!

“Oh yeah! SHE IS!” I yelled, before launching myself at her.

She ducked away just in time and made a mad dash towards the other side of the humongous garden with me hot on her heels. She screamed and then giggled like a little girl just as I managed to grasp  her shoulder for a second before increasing her speed.

“Why are you chasing me?! This is crazy you know that!” she said, in between her fits of giggles.

“Because someone decided to dress me up in bloody sprinkles and sauce!” I yelled back, making an attempt to grab her hair. Fail.

She started laughing, saying that was the funniest thing she’s ever heard until I gripped the ends of her hair and made her stop running. She yelped, attempting to pull away.

“Ow stop it!” she screamed, turning around so she was facing me.

“No” I hissed, pulling at her hair.

“Aahh seriously stop it Geet!” she whimpered. I loosened my grip, slightly, and smacked her face with the back of my hand lightly. She shrieked since she wasn’t expecting the hit. Anyone walking around us would have assumed I was assaulting her, not that I cared. It wasn’t them that had icecream running down their chest. About that..

I looked down at myself, the top I wore had become sort of see through. Thankfully it wasn’t a white top. Now that would have been embarrassing.

“Get your damn khatara ready, we’re going home right this instant” I said, in a tone that meant finality. I think.

She gasped, her mouth opening wider than necessary and then she narrowed her tiny eyes at me.

“First of all” she grunted, tugging at the hair that were in my grasp. Oh hey, I forgot I had you hostage. “! Have some respect for my baby before it is too late.” she chided. Pfft.

“And no darling, I ain’t doing that any time soon now.” she replied, rather smugly.

Alright, so I didn’t know how to drive even though I was perfectly capable of it. So what?

“You don’t need to remind me indirectly that I don’t have a car” I grumbled, letting go of her hair and crossing my arms across my chest. Bad move.

She snorted, covering her mouth after doing so. I narrowed my eyes at her, did she find that really funny?

“You mean you can’t have a car because you almost run over a poor old lady?” she giggled.

I groaned in response. Okay so one time I pressed the accelerator instead of break and almost knocked out a sweet old lady who was crossing the road. I did buy her flowers afterwards though and it was one time only! But no. Meera made sure to rub it in my face whenever she was given the opportunity, much like right now.

“You know what, I’m not going to argue with you on this any more even though it is your fault that I have icecream stuck uncomfortably all over my lady bits.” I said. She looked at me as if she was waiting for me to say something else, I could tell she was trying really hard not to laugh though. Kamini. 

“In fact, I’m not going to argue with you for the rest of the holidays if you could just, for once, have pity on this girl who is covered in crap and needs a shower as soon as possible.” I finished. Suck it up girl, lose that ego like a good girl..though revenge sounds delightful. Yes.

She surprised me with the sudden bear hug, it was kind of suffocating to  be honest so I tried pushing her off of me. Fail.

“Nah man, I love fighting with you” she mumbled. I knew there was something else between the lines, I just could not pin point it yet.

“What you can do, however,” she began. I knew it, she had an ulterior motive behind it.“is..come shopping with me tomorrow.” she mumbled, though the words were jumbled I knew what she meant.

I grabbed her arms in order to pull away from the forceful hug but she wouldn’t budge. Ugh you clingy little twat. 

“Woman let go of me right this instant!” I hissed. Her grip was so strong, like she’d planned all of this.

“If you wish to be taken back to your apartment to get cleaned up, you better say yes to me right now.” she whispered to me rather threateningly. So she HAD the whole thing planned! You little minge, I’m so gonna get you for this Meera! 

“You planned this didn’t you?” i whispered back harshly.

“Uh-huh.” she clicked her tongue annoyingly, i swear i could feel her smirking.

I groaned, there was honestly no way getting around this with her. The amount of time she has tricked me is unbelievable. You’d think someone like me would have the last laugh, but no. This little girl who is also my annoying best friend, beats me to it every single time.

“I WILL GET MY REVENGE!” I screamed, causing her to jump a good foot away from me. Wow, i was so busy cursing her in my mind i actually managed to say that out loud.  I grabbed her arm rather tightly and and started making my way towards they other side, the side here all of this started.

A few people chuckled my way and i knew i had to get out of here before it got worse. So that’s what we did.

That was the day that changed my life forever.


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