Chapter Two

Wicked wedding planner bannerIntruder
Aarti’s POV
I stepped out of the car, stretching my arms and arching my back. God I was so tired!
“Gaah I can’t feel my feet!” Prateik whined, hopping out of the car.
We all walked towards the awaiting mansion. All I could think about was the softness of the luxurious bed that I was going to be claiming as soon as I’d reached there. Aaah heaven.
Did I mention how Aarpita’s mother sort of, disliked me? Oh well..
Now here I was, standing in front of her, Gayatri Scindia. I couldn’t really tell if she was throwing daggers at me with her narrowed eyes for standing in front of her or mentally planning on roasting me alive for tonight’s dinner. I figured it was both.
I shrugged my aching shoulders and leaned down slightly to touch her feet. She patted my head gingerly and I straightened up. Man I was so tired to even give a crap. Not in the literal sense though, that would be weird. Never mind, forget I even said that.
“Aarti come let me show you your room!” Aarpita beamed, gripping my arm and dragging me somewhere.
To be honest, I could barely remember the way around this house. Explains why I was already confused which room Aarpita had lead me to after I’d gone back to get my headphones that I left in the car. I may be tired but I will never be tired enough to let go of my headphones. Precious
I headed towards the hallway, there were two doors that screamed “pick me!” at me. I was confused though, I should know which room she’d shown was mine but I couldn’t.
I shrugged my shoulders and dragged my feet to the nearest door, I could only hope it was my room. And if it wasn’t my room, well then they could suck it up anyway.
The room was dark in contrast to the daylight rays outside that were peeking through what looked liked a window. I pressed my palm against the side wall to get a hold of the switch buttons but to no avail. And then again I was reminded of that awkward fact that I’d read online that said something like, ‘that awkward moment when you make love to the wall while you’re looking for the light switch.’ I cringed at my own thought and dropped my hand down immediately. I was too tired anyway. I shuffled myself around the room and then slumped myself down on the lush bed.Aah..just like I’d imagined.
My eyes dropped close as soon as I hit the bed, not that I was complaining. I was bloody jet-lagged to the max.
I vaguely remembered myself waking up after some time, only to sleep back again. You know those times, when you wake up for a split second and doze off again unless someone decides to wake you up? Yep that’s it. However, there’s times when you wake up and, well you wake up! Right now I had my eyes closed but I was, well awake! Ugh I hated this. I rolled over to my side to hug the pillow.
Since I was awake I knew I had just snuggled against something soft, but it wasn’t soft enough to be a cushion or heck even a bed mattress. I moved a little closer, out of my sleepy curiosity, it was warm as well! I frowned, my eyes were still closed. Yes they were. I then felt it shake against me, okay now this was weird. What the hell was I cuddling into?!
I swear to god I’m going to kill this thing for making me do this!
I forced my eyes open, yes I FORCED them as I looked ahead, everything was hazy and kind of dark. Well duh..
“Well hello there, little miss sunshine.”
Pin drop silence.
I think I just died.
No wait, I didn’t. Not Yet.
My heart fluttered, yes it fluttered like it was about to fly out of my mouth! I gasped, a little too late but nonetheless I did, and jumped back like I had just been electrocuted.
Oh crap. Oh frikkin crap!
I scrambled out of the bed, rather clumsily, and instantly bolted towards the door.
I was going to get out of here, hide inside MY room and pretend this never happened.
Yes, that’s exactly what I was going to do, the only problem now was; I couldn’t locate the goddamn door!
I felt like a headless chicken running into anything and everything while looking like some form of entertainment for my intruder. Oh wait, I was the intruder here..oh boy.
“Gaah!” I yelped, smacking my head onto something really hard after tripping over something.
I began to move around once again but was stopped.
“Aarti” that voice, that familiar voice.
I paused despite my brain screaming at me to run around like a headless chicken again. I shook my head, breaking free of the sudden trance I was in and instantly began looking around for the exit.
I froze, seeing something move on either side of me. My hands shot to my face in an instant as light hit my eyes. I realized the door was now open, and I could leave. Without a second thought, I sprinted outside and barged inside the room next door, locking it with shaky hands. I leaned against the door frame, my breathing uneven. God I wish i’d just taken this room when i’d first arrived. Would have saved me the sheer torture of…no.
I was so not going through this shit again like a helpless chick. I was so not letting that jackass do this to me again. I, Aarti Dubey, will never be affected by Yash Rascal Scindia during my stay here. Never.
Yash’s POV
I was in such a foul mood today. Not only did I wake up late and lose a big contract because of it, I also managed to crash my car while heading back home.
Thankfully I wasn’t injured at all, though I don’t know about the driver who was riding with me..
I was known for causing minor, and sometimes major damages to every car we owned. I wasn’t a reckless driver, I was just an impatient man that’s all. So I see no point as to why people called me that when I clearly wasn’t!
I headed up towards my house, doing the “walk of shame” upon seeing my mom at the doorway. Mom being the “mom” that she was, scolded me like I was a 5 year old who’d just stolen cookies from the forbidden jar and even broke the jar in the process. I was an adult for goodness sake! With a well built body and a gorgeous face, may I add.
“Yash how many times have I told you to be careful when you’re driving?!” my mom yelled at me, touching my face and inspecting for any kind of injury. Awh mom.
“Mom i’m fine!” I exclaimed, lifting my hands up.
I was really tired, and pissed too. After a long lecture from mom, I headed upstairs saying I was really tired. Mom of course began her inspecting session thinking I may have an internal injury or something but I told her to chill out.
I stepped inside my bedroom, yawning and stretching my arms out so they touched the top of the door frame. My legs came to an automatic halt as I looked at my bed, my eyes taking in the most beautiful sight they’d ever witnessed.
On my bed laid a beautiful girl, a girl I knew all too well. My feet began moving on their own accord as my heart thudded against my chest, until I tripped over something and stumbled forward, towards her. Jesus save me from waking her up and scaring the shit out of her!
I gasped softly, managing to place my palms on the soft mattress and stopping my extremely heavy body from falling on her. Not that I mind, but I could very well predict the consequences if i ‘d done that. She’d be crushed into a mush. A beautiful mush.
She shifted in her sleep, turning around a little so she was facing me completely. To say I was in complete awe would be an understatement.
I leaned forward, captivated and held in an unbreakable trance.
“Aarti..” I whispered inaudibly.
Damn girl, I missed you.

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