Chapter Four

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“You..” he breathed against my flushed cheek. I inhaled sharply, closing my eyes as his warm breath caressed my cheeks. I swear I could feel that smug grin of his, what an ass! “Left this..” he spoke again, my heart drummed against my ribs as his lips faintly brushed against my cheek, Girl get a grip! “Here..” I felt the warmth of his humongous frame move away. I opened my eyes slowly and saw that he had his hand extended towards me, holding something. I squinted my eyes slightly and saw what it was.


Aarti’s P.O.V 

Realisation dawned upon me as I stared at his extended hand. My headphones. My precious little headphones.

Quick as lightning, I snatched the head set out of his palm and dashed towards the door. I honestly didn’t know who was  behind all of this, it was as though everything around me wanted me to get closer to him no matter what the situation was like. As I made a beeline for the door, which would eventually lead me to escaping him and his overbearing presence, I ended up tripping up on my own feet. Who trips on their own feet anyway?! Oh yeah, I do. As I tried to balance myself in order to prevent a face plant, I felt his arms snake around my waist tightly and pull me towards his rock hard torso. Damn he’s got Abs…! Concentrate girl!  

“Be careful there little one.” he murmured against my ear, sending tingles down the length of my spine.

This was wrong, so wrong in so many different ways. The fact that he knew how much he affected me was worsening the whole situation way too much. I inhaled sharply and wrenched myself out of his muscular arms, at least he made the job easier by letting me go without a struggle. I ignored his presence completely and walked out of the room with my head held high. And face flushed red as a tomato. Fantastic.

I ran into the next room, which was currently my room, and headed towards the bathroom to freshen up a bit. I heard a knock and then a sweet little voice I knew way too well at the door. I ran towards the door after drying my hands and opened it.

“Hey Aarpita, I was about to come downstairs in a moment, you didn’t need to come up here” I said to her, she laughed and the hugged me.

“Come on then, let’s go!”  

We made our way down towards the humongous dining table, everyone was already sitting down and eating away. Except for him. I mentally scolded myself for even thinking about him. How can you not? You were in his sexy arms 5 minutes ago! Though it felt like an eternity.. I groaned inaudibly. This was so useless.

“Finally, the princess makes an appearance!” Pratiek bellowed. I rolled my eyes at him as everyone laughed. Well almost everyone.

Gayatri aunt was busy throwing daggers at me and crazy Bua was busy staring at Pratiek. I shuddered. That woman seriously needed to quit doing that because it sends wrong signals to those around her.

“I ain’t your princess” I retorted, raising my brow slightly to make a point. He huffed dramatically at me and then continued stuffing his face with whatever the hell he was eating.

I sat down next to Aarpita, what scared me though, was the empty chair beside me. It was the only empty chair available which, no doubt, made my heart drum painfully against my ribs. I ignored the feeling as best as I could and grabbed the glass of water, drinking it away to calm myself down. Maybe he was already done eating, no wonder he was in his room doing lord knows what my headphones. I shuddered at the thought.

“Oh hey Yash, glad you could make it buddy!” 

Oh no.

You have got to be kidding me.

This was NOT happening to me right now.

I timidly looked up, just in time to see the said walk down the staircase more graceful than anyone I’d ever seen. My cheeks felt hot as my gaze met his, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

“Sorry Pratiek, I was a little busy with something.” I saw his lips move and scowled. Asshole! 

His eyes never left mine, it was as though he was looking right through me. Into my soul. And i didn’t like it at all. I quickly averted my gaze and began helping myself with some salad, silently praying he would leave or something instead of sit anywhere near me. My hands were shaking as I chanted the same thing over and over again. Please don’t sit next to me.  

He did. I groaned inwardly in annoyance, which soon turned into shock as I felt his arm brush up against my teasingly. My breathing hitched terribly as I tried to concentrate on the task in hind. Putting some salad in my damn bowl. Epic fail.

Yash’s P.O.V 

She was so damn adorable it was hard not to tease her. The way she blushed whenever she saw me was endearing. Well, at least to me it was. Having her so close to me gave me chills down the length of my spine. So imagine my surprise and the delight, seeing her sitting next to the only empty chair available, all vulnerable for me. I wanted to bark out a super evil laugh as I thought of the ways to see the amount of affect I had on her. I lazily walked down the staircase, I could see her fumbling with whatever she was trying to pick up. She was trying to avoid me and possibly, praying that I did not sit next to her. You’re so out of luck on that sweetheart.  

I made my way towards the table and sat down, making sure my arm brushed slightly against hers. I felt her stiffen beside me. This is going to be fun. I grinned as I began helping myself with the food.

Aarti’s P.O.V

He made sure his arm brushed up against mine in order to get a response from me, which he did! Then he made sure to surround me with his scent as he moved his arms all over the place trying to pick up the various different dishes. This was torture! I wanted to get out of here because of him, but I couldn’t because I was so damn hungry. I gulped my way through the salad, wanting to finish as soon as possible.

“Aarti slow down, you’ll choke on it” came Aarpita’s voice as a round of soft chuckles to went around the table.

Oops. I guess I wasn’t that subtle as I thought.

“Yes Aarti, slow down there.” he murmured. Jerk! 

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves down. There was no doubt that he was good looking, even more so now after so many years. Pfft just ‘good looking?’ try something else like ‘the incarnation of perfection itself!’ He was always a gentleman, but the way he acted towards me was quite the contrary. He was a complete caveman. It was like he wanted me to squirm uncomfortably because of him and his not so innocent antics. The way he would talk to me, as though he wanted me to “assume” he was saying something else when really, it was nothing! The way he hovered his hand below the table, as though wanting to brush it against my leg had me screaming inwardly. Why was he doing all this? Who did he think he was, tormenting me like this from the moment I arrived here.

I sucked it all up though, because that’s what you have to do if you want to avoid the melodrama. I was here for Aarpita’s wedding and that was it. Once it was over, I was expected back in England. Not here. Not any more.


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