Chapter One

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The Introduction
I made my way through the busy airport, my shoulder bag on one side and a small trolley case trotting behind me. Eh, the rest of my shit is on its away. Damn airport restrictions though.
“AD wait up man! Jeez, so much for telling you to move your ass away from the plane’s frikkin door.” I heard my brother mumble from behind me.
Prateik, my brother, was a year older to me but I was the boss here, as always. Him and I never got along though, we’d fight like toddlers, but well..we just loved each other despite everything.  I guess..
I didn’t halt and neither did I intend to, but he managed to catch up with me somehow. Damn.
“An apology would be great, thanks.” I muttered sarcastically, ignoring his presence as I walked.
We were outside the Airport now, the warm breeze collided against me once again as I took a deep breath.
“HA! What do you want me to say? ‘Oh i’m sorry sista for telling you to move your non-existent ass away from the door so normal people like me could get down’ like really?!” I heard him blabber behind me.
“Could the two of you just stop! We’re not even out of the airport yet and you two have already gathered an audience!” my epic remark died down as I stared at my brother, and then we both turned back to stare up at our seething big brother. Adi.
Adi, short for Aditya, was our big brother. He was 8 years older to me, I considered him as my godfather..heck most of the time he WAS pretty much like a father figure to me. When our parents got ‘divorced’, my dad moved to Canada with his new wife after abandoning my mum and us in India. Our mum was left alone to raise 3 kids on her own, Adi being the eldest and me being the youngest. I was only 4 at that time so I never knew what my dad was like, neither did Prateik, but Adi was old enough to know what was happening around him. He gave away his life, his dreams in order to keep his family alive. He was my hero. Period.
“Bro it’s her fault!” Prateik whispered, as if that was going to stop the onlookers.
“AB you know it wasn’t me” I pouted, jutting my bottom lip out slightly.
He looked at me sternly, I could already see his stern look slip away at the sight of my pouty face before darting his eyes towards Prateik. Payback time bro. Hehe
“Prateik.” Adi spoke, keeping his eyes on him.
“This is so unfair AB! You listen to anything she says just because she gives you them pouty face.” Prateik pouted. He probably hoped Adi was going to be easy on him too. Ha!
“I certainly do not.” Adi announced.
“Aww someone has issues with admitting the truth.” I whipped my head around to face the owner of that smooth voice. Samana! Awesome timing Sammy yay!
“Bhabs!” Prateik squealed, running towards Samana.
Sammy was my sister-in-law, we were more like sisters though. I was so glad my brother had her, she was perfect for him in every way.
“Samana-” Adi began but was cut off as our mum stepped outside and stood right next to Samana.
“Aarti, Prateik. Kab sudhroge tum dono?” Mum scolded us, as we both glanced at each other and pouted.
“Maa don’t worry, i’ll handle these two munchkins.” Adi spoke, making Sammy giggle a little as me and Prateik glared at Adi.
And then suddenly, everyone burst into a fit of giggles and laughs. Our mum, Shobha, was quite amazing at acting. I was so lucky to have been born from such a loving mother. I loved my mum so much.
“Maaumm i’m tired!” Prateik whined.
“Still the whiney child eh?” A male voice emerged from behind us.
I turned around just in time to stabilize myself as I was hit with an immense force. An immense force I knew way too well. Aarpita!
“OH MY GOD AARTI!!” she screamed, hugging me tightly as I responded back.
“Aarpita” I whispered, hugging her ever so tightly.
We stayed like that for god knows how long, I had tears streaming down my face as we mumbled incoherent words.
“Alright Alright knock it off you lesbos.” I closed my eyes. If I wasn’t in a public place Prateik; i’d have your face punched real good.
We broke the bone crushing hug and stared/glared at Prateik.
“Wow Pratty, you’re still the same!” Aarpita beamed, causing Prateik to scowl at her.
Oh I loved this nickname, it was Aarpita who came up with it years ago, and I would call him that every time he pissed me off.
“Don’t call me that” he hissed, glaring at us.
I giggled at his face and he just continued giving us glares.
We all went around and hugged the people that had come to receive us. Aarpita’s dad, Suraj Pratap, was the one who’d called at Prateik earlier. I hugged him as he hugged me back. Then I met my adorable Vidhi bhabhi and Pankaj bhaiya, I was hoping to see Vedant and Vedika but I was told they were at home waiting for us.
Our luggage was put into the waiting cars as we all finished up with our little reunion. I sat in one of the cars with Aarpita next to me and Prateik in the passenger seat. Sammy, Vidhi and Pankaj sat in another car whilst Adi, mum and Suraj uncle sat in another car. I could already tell Sammy and Vidhi were going to get along.
I put my head back against the seat and closed my eyes. God I was so tired!
I snuggeled against something soft, but it wasn’t soft enough to be a cushion or heck even a bed mattress. I moved a little closer, it was warm as well! I frowned, my eyes were still closed. I then felt it shake against me, what the hell was I cuddling into?!
I forced my eyes open as I looked ahead, everything was hazy and kind of dark.
“Well hello there, little miss sunshine.”
Oh crap. Oh frikkin crap!

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