Chapter Three

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I knew you were trouble

– Continued from the last chapter.

Yash’s P.O.V

I leaned forward, captivated and held in an unbreakable trance.

“Aarti..” I whispered inaudibly.

Damn girl, I missed you.

Damn right I did.Memories flashed in front of my eyes as I watched her lay still in my bed. But then my heart ached in a familar pain as guilt washed over me. I shook my head in a feeble attempt to clear my head out. Now is so not the time to be a little pup, Yash.

Truth be told, I remembered Aarpita telling me about the Dubey family coming back from London a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t help but feel restless and, well pretty much guilty as one could be. Let’s just say, the last time I saw this girl in front of me, it had resulted in an almost blood bath. She broke my nose. Duh! So I imagined how the confrontation was going to be like, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine Aarti Dubey laying on my goddamn bed, sleeping so peacefully!

I gulped in her strong features, literally. Her long, jet black hair cascaded down the pillow behind her while the perfectly messy fringe spawled across her forehead. Her soft brows were slightly hidden beneath her fringe and her freakishly long lashes touched the top of her flushed cheeks, slightly. Her nose was flat but so well defined, just like her cheekbones. My eyes slowly wandered towards her plump lips. Jesus christ..

My parted lips were just a tiny inch away from touching her closed ones, I was that close to her. Damn if only my conscience wasn’t an ass to me.

As though going against my conscience, she moved slightly and our lips faintly brushed against one another. I swear something inside me fluttered. Yes, frikkin fluttered! A familiar feeling jolted through my body in that tiny ass fraction of a second and I froze, taking in the feel of her lips brush against mine. But it was over too soon for my liking as she shifted her head to the side, giving me a clear view of her flawless neck. Damn I feel like a perverted ass…and damn my frikkin conscience for telling me so!

Her side profile was breathtaking as she slept rather peacefully. I wanted nothing more than to just stare at her for as long as I could. Okay I did want something else too but I ain’t going to sound like a bloody creeper now am i? She was so beautiful, even more so than before. Yep, I was definitely sounding more like a creeper now. Oh hell..

I shifted my entire upper weight on my right palm and softly slumped down on the bed so I was facing her, even though my evil little brain had other ideas but the darn conscience wouldn’t have none of it.

“Damn girl, the things you do to me” I murmured against her cheek. She moved, again, shifting her entire frame to the side, cuddling into the pillow. My pillow.

I sighed softly, shuffling towards her slightly until I was that close to crushing her. Her arm brushed against my torso gently as she leaned towards me. Holy Shit.

She mumbled something I didn’t catch properly and moved towards me, again! Her head now rested against my chest and one arm was loosely draped around my torso. Man it felt so good having her this close to me, it made me feel..i don’t know. It made me feel, so frikkin happy. I don’t know how long I stayed still for, just simply gazing at her sleeping form. But it wasn’t enough, I wanted to freeze this moment forever. It wasn’t long when she started moving again, I felt her face nuzzle into my chest and I couldn’t help but chuckle a little. She was waking up and probably getting confused too.

She tensed up, lifting her head up slightly. Then she began opening her doe eyes blinking endlessly, making me grin at her antics.Time to play the big bad wolf.

“Well hello there, little miss sunshine” I whispered against her ear.

She froze, literally. I doubted she was even breathing with the way her rigged body was holding on to me! I was pretty much regretting on trying to play the bad wolf up until her light body jumped up in the air like a baby kangaroo. I watched her scramble out of my huge bed frantically, stunned and beyond amused. Could she get any cuter? Apparently, Yes.

She began running around the dimly lit room, looking for the door probably. I chuckled at her adorable antics, she looked so cute when she was all flustered. My amusement didn’t last for long as I saw her bang against some random object. Damn it! I bolted towards her and called out her name almost automatically. She stopped her frantic movements as I began to approach her. I placed my arms on either side of her, taking in her scent slowly, as I gently pushed opened the door for her. I may be a cheap ass, but i’m not that cheap to trouble my girl like that.

I watched her petite frame bolt towards the exit faster than I thought, considering how clumsy she was at times. The door next to mine slammed shut and I realized something. She was next door to me! The feeling of joy coursed through my veins and my eyes glinted in sheer, evil wickedness thinking of the future that lay ahead of us.

“This is gunna be so much fun.” I murmured, chuckling to myself.

I closed the bedroom door and literally jumped across the room and onto the bed where she was sleeping in just moments ago. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep with her scent all around me, but I was unable to doze off,knowing the scent surrounding me belonged to the angel in the room next door. Jesus Yash, could you get any more girlier than this? Grow a pair and doze off!

Aarti’s P.O.V

It was around 10Pm when I finished taking a long, relaxing shower. I was still jet-lagged but the steamy shower helped ease the tensed muscles. Now I was hungry. I sat down on my bed and opened one of the suitcases, grabbing whatever I could grab hold of. Minutes later I was dressed in a long red tank top and a matching red loose harem trouser. My hair were still wet so I blow dried them slightly before braiding them into two loose pigtails.

I had no idea where everyone had gone, either they all abandoned me here or were sleeping it off. I grabbed my phone and quickly texted Prateik ‘Where dafuq are, doofus?’ and he immediately replied back saying ‘Everyone’s downstairs chilling out, shorty’. I groaned at the word shorty. I was not short! Prateik would call me shorty every time I called him names and if that wasn’t enough, Adi would call me munchkin whenever he wanted to, and I mean WHENEVER he wanted! Boys and their stupid nicknames.

I walked out of my room, looking to the left and then to the right. Damn both sides just looked the same! I quickly slipped into the pink slippers i’d taken out, and headed to the left, passing by a familiar door as I walked along. I tried not to think about it, but an involuntary shudder ran through my body as I walked right pas-

“Woah!” I squeaked, feeling the air change as well as the surroundings.

There he stood in all his glory, hovering over me like the jerk he is. He leaned down towards, making me cringe myself against the wall behind me. His eyes danced in mirth, he was enjoying my nervousness. The ass!

“You..” he breathed against my flushed cheek.

I inhaled sharply, closing my eyes as his warm breath caressed my cheeks. I swear I could feel that smug grin of his, what an ass!

“Left this..” he spoke again, my heart drummed against my ribs as his lips faintly brushed against my cheek, Girl get a grip!

“Here..” I felt the warmth of his humongous frame move away. I opened my eyes slowly and saw that he had his hand extended towards me, holding something. I squinted my eyes slightly and saw what it was.

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