The Wicked Wedding Planner – Prologue

Wicked wedding planner banner

I stepped outside, feeling the gush of wind hit against my small frame slowly as I stretched my arms above my head. Damn jet lag was such a horrible side effect when it came to travelling, I could already tell what was going to happen once I’d arrived at my destination soon. I forced a yawn, trying to ‘un-pop’ my ears. Another bad side effect of travelling, you just can’t hear no jack shit without the sounds coming out as mere muffles.
I took in my surroundings, glancing around quickly. It’s been so long since I left this place, nothing seems to have changed. Or at least I thought so..
“AD move outta the way will ya! People are waiting to get down you know.”
Thanks a lot for ruining the moment, bro.
“Ugh fine.” I muttered, as I began stomping down rather grumpily.
Although my body was aching and dying to slump down onto a soft bed, I was excited to the point of mentally doing a break dance. My best friend was getting married! Heck, to say I was excited would be an understatement. I was over the moon, literally. Memories came rushing down the moment my mind wandered off to the bitter memories. I shrugged them off faster than they’d arrived. I wasn’t going to ruin my mood for anything. Period.
But..I had to admit though, it was going to be really hard.

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