Author’s Note :)

Hello and sincere apologies to everyone out there. This blog has been abandoned for a very long time. I feel really bad about it, I really do. But a lot has happened in my life and it has been extremely difficult to just sit down and write something. The last year or so, I was handed many responsibilities that were my main priority. Period. I honestly cannot explain how hard this year has been for me, between college and personal life.  With college completed, I feel less burdened now so I am back, at least I feel like i am. I have new work as well as the old work. I have new ideas and Fandoms that I wanna just dive right into. The one I am currently head over heels is MARVEL. I just can’t believe i didn’t introduce myself to it years earlier. Anyway, i’m about to update this blog with new work and organize everything that i already have. Honestly, this blog is a complete mess!


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