Endearment – Pietro Maximoff – Part Two


“Charlie, come on stay with me now. We’ll be safe soon enough, don’t you dare pass out on me” Thea was rambling now, trying to keep her nerves under control.

I looked around me, people desperately trying to keep calm but failing miserably. We were still under attack. The only thing keeping us alive were the Avengers. A team of superheroes. The Avengers. It was still weird to comprehend the fact that we had a God from another planet among us, a soldier out of time, a green rage monster and a genius who invented flying suits paired with a couple of master assassins. Let’s not forget the boy who could run really fast, broadly speaking. It was crazy, I never knew such people even existed. It was almost unreal, like it was all a dream or a fictional world I’d landed myself in. Apparently not. This was all real. I remember exactly 3 years ago when New York had been attacked, it was baffling. Robot armies from outer space? But then again, the one who summoned them here was also from outer space. This time it was Boston under attack, of all places. It was scary to think that there were other things in space, things that could potentially eliminate us all.

The earth beneath us rumbled suddenly and I almost rolled over in my current position. Oh yes, the city had been uprooted and was flying up to nowhere in particular with civilians still trying to escape. The important thing to remember here was that we could still survive this, even if it meant flying out in the open in the jets we had been provided with. It was going to be like sitting on a roller coaster, hopefully. God this was going to be awful, I hated roller coasters so much.

As if my thoughts had been heard, Maira started to squirm in Thea’s arm, eyes and hands darting towards me. Thea sighed, rolling her eyes.

“Okay fine, off you go to your fake momma.” Thea murmured, setting Maira beside me who then started to climb on top of me. Ouch.

“Baby, you mind getting off of me? I’m not exactly your usually functional playground right now.” I hissed as she dug her little pointy elbow in my abdomen.

I looked over to see Thea already making her way towards the seats, quite quickly I noticed. What was this girl doing?

Something rumbled vigorously, my hands grabbing Maira instinctively.

“What was th-“

For the second time in one day, my thoughts and words had been cut off and before I could even comprehend a thing, I found myself in a sitting position. I was definitely on a roller coaster. Great. Everything hurt, it was painful. Oh so painful. It was tolerable but only if I was immune to pain.

Wait, what just happened? Where were Maira and Thea? Eyes began searching for familiar faces but to no avail.

“Everyone please stay seated and fasten your seat belts. We’re going to fly now, so…enjoy if you want!”

It was his voice again, and it came from somewhere close. I tilted my head to the side and realized Thea was sitting right next to me, smiling broadly. The little rat, couldn’t she just be a little more vocal considering the fact that I’m in need of medical attention and could possibly be losing my senses? Apparently not.

Panic bubbled within me as I noticed the absence of Maira. I instantly tilted my head to the other and a similar pair of deep blue eyes connected in a heartbeat with mine. Oh lord. He seemed so calm, like we were not under a serious attack at all. How could he, of all people, be so calm and collected when the rest of us were freaking out? Was he trained to be this way so the rest of us wouldn’t panic? I suppose that was the only logical explanation, because all of a sudden I felt at ease. Like nothing would harm me if he was there. Girl..get a grip before you slip.

Something tugged at my hair and I broke our eye contact to look down. Dear god. He was holding Maira! How did I not see her before? Oh, never mind. I opened my mouth to say something but he beat me to it.

“Don’t worry, she will be safe in my arms.”

He had a mischievous glint in his eyes, but his words were reassuring. For some reason, I felt like I could trust him with her safety.

“I believe you, in case anyone is interested in my opinions” Thea interrupted from beside me, she was talking to him. I gave her a glance intense enough to make her look away from me whilst smiling.

I turned back to him, as he continued to watch me, and gave him a small nod of approval, wrapping my hand around Maira’s and squeezing them gently. The jet, plane or whatever this was meant to be began to move. Oh no. I felt sick already, with my body in so much pain I didn’t know if I was going to survive this.

Maira began to giggle and make incoherent sounds whilst waving her arms around, forcing my hand away. I watched him join in with her as they began waving their arms around. She was genuinely enjoying this. I closed my eyes for a moment. Happy thoughts Charlie. Happy thoughts.

It occurred to me that we had just lost our home, we had nowhere to go anymore. It had barely been 6 months since we settled in and already it was moments away from shattering into pieces.

I opened my eyes, the city was falling and getting smaller by the moment. There wasn’t much I could see from where we sat but I could just about figure out what was happening. My heart clenched painfully, what if we hadn’t been rescued? There was no way we could have survived this if it weren’t for these people. What if they hadn’t arrived on time? So many questions flooded my mind and I felt uneasy trying to think of the possible outcomes.

Warmth engulfed my now shaking hands, causing me to stop shaking. I didn’t even realize how badly my body behaving to all of this, I felt almost numb.

“I got you too, miss.”

His voice rang in my ears, causing a shiver down the length of my spine. I began to wonder if he was a mind reader as well. Who was he?

I whimpered in response to that and focused on anything other than the current situation. Oh who was I even trying to fool here, I was a complete downright mess and I knew it. This was not me, not even in the slightest. I hated feeling so vulnerable and, weak. Well, should have just faced your fears then instead of bloody complaining.

Something came into contact with the jet from beneath us, causing quite a turbulence.

“Damn.” I cussed, swallowing hard. My vision was starting to blur again and I felt the wounds on my body all over again. The pain had returned once again.

“Relax, we just landed. Nothing else.”

Thea’s voice rang in my ears, but I couldn’t move anymore. I should have been relieved that we’d made it to safety but my body was betraying me. My eyes began to close slowly despite my vain attempts in keeping them open and then that was it, I felt myself go limp. Voices echoed around me and I began to fade away.


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