Here you can find all the work I have completed and/or am writing on Characters from the Marvel Universe. I have become a huge fan of this franchise , they are absolutely and bloody amazing. If you haven’t watched any of the films or even read the comic books, i highly recommend that you do check it out. Comics or movies, they’re all fantastic.



Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff


Sokovia wasn’t the only place Ultron tried to destroy, no. I lost my home, and so did he.
I was just an ordinary girl weighed down with too many responsibilities. Could he possibly help, or make it worse for me with his ability to render me speechless every time our eyes connected?
Let’s see.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


Literally everyone in the Marvel world is likely to be here, If i ever decided to write on them all. All of my FanFictions, One Shots, Short Stories, Imagines, Preferences will be linked here.


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