Endearment – Pietro Maximoff – Part One


The city was under attack. An evil robot going by the name of Ultron had led an army of equally insane robots into attacking the city and they were everywhere. Everywhere.

I feared for everyone’s safety, no one was safe right now and every delayed moment could result in something much more terrifying. My heart raced faster than ever and I panicked thinking of my loved ones. Thea and Maira. I needed to make sure they were unharmed. I pushed my way around the broken tables and chairs, aiming towards the door only to find it blocked by metal fragments. I saw a few guys trying to kick it down but it seemed useless. The door was jammed with little to no room for escaping. My eyes darted towards the exit sign no one seemed to have noticed, that door was unharmed which meant we could all get out of here. I needed to get out right now but couldn’t just leave, with the amount of people surrounding the blocked door I reckoned there would be a chaos with everyone trying to get out all at once.

“Listen up everyone!” I pretty much screamed, grabbing everyone’s attention.

“I need everyone to calm down and listen to me. I need everyone’s cooperation if we’re going to get out of here alive.” I continued, earning hopeful glances.

“There is an exit door to my right and it is our only way out of here. I need you all to be a little patient and try not to kill each other!” I finished, marching towards the exit door.

I pushed it open, it was an alley that seemed harmless for now. Everyone began making their way towards the door as I stood there guiding them out. Once everyone was outside, I walked back inside to see if there was anyone else. There wasn’t anyone. I sighed in relief, only to have it replaced by a familiar feeling. Panic.

I ran outside and tried locating the whereabouts of my house, I recognized the streets and ultimately my destination. The entire street was unharmed so far, which was a huge relief. I ran inside, panting. Hang on, why was the door unlocked?

“Thea!” I screamed, running into the kitchen. She wasn’t there. I heard footsteps and quickly made my way back towards the staircase.

It was Thea, holding Maira in her arms. They both carried backpacks, if the situation wasn’t so serious I would have found this adorable.

“Oh thank god you’re safe Charlie!” Thea cried out, meeting me halfway. Maira extended her tiny arms towards me indicating that I hold her.

“We need to leave right now, the city is under attack!” I told her, holding my arms out and picking up Maira. I turned around and we began to hurriedly walk towards the front door.

“I think I know the city is under attack! I’ve packed everything we’ll need, and yes I’ve emptied the safe too and basically what I’m trying to say is—” she didn’t finish her sentence as a massive explosion was heard. Instinctively, I tried to shield them both with my body as everything exploded around us. Sharp pain began to shoot through and up my spine and I screamed, everything going blurry and eventually black.

Strange voices echoed around me. Something warm touched my face but I could not get myself to move. My eyes remained closed but as the warmth was lost all of a sudden, I panicked. I struggled and willed myself to open my eyes, wincing at the bright light beaming through the broken walls. We had been attacked from the outside. We. My heartbeat accelerated as I frantically tried to adjust my eyes to the blinding light. Warm hands embraced me as I was placed upright.

“Maira…” I gasped for air, my mouth dry. My eyes were starting to close and it was then that I realized how badly my entire body was in pain. It was like every bone in my body had been broken down into tiny shards that were then piercing through the skin threateningly.

“Hey hey come on now, don’t leave me again…Charlie!” I heard Thea’s voice from nearby, realizing that she was the one holding me right now.

“Thea…maira..where is she?” I whispered, forcing away the pain emitting from every part of my body and opening my droopy eyes to look into the eyes of my sister.

“She’s right here, but we need to get out of here before the rest of the remaining roof collapses on us” Thea responded, looking up at the ceiling.

Instinctively my eyes searched for maira only to find her sitting right next to me with her eyes widened. She’d been the one touching my face I realized. I sighed in relief, forcing away the tears that threatened to spill any second.

“Charlie we have to get out of here right now!” Thea said as she picked up maira, carefully placing her against her left hip and extending her right hand for me.

I winced at the amount of pain every movement caused me but we needed to move. The roof was not going to stand any longer. I wrapped my arm around Thea’s shoulders whilst maira grabbed hold of my fingers in her tiny hands.

We were in this together. Always. As a family.

We made our way out the door, getting away from the collapsing building that was once our home. It hurt. It hurt so much. But we needed to move fast before the city was destroyed completely.

“We need to get closer to one of those jets, or whatever they are before that crazy robot finishes us all!” Thea grumbled, I couldn’t disagree.

The ground rumbled dangerously and my eyes wandered around just in time to see a building starting to fall forward. Towards us. Panic grew within me and I realized it was going to be too late. I looked to my left, into the eyes of my sister and I knew she was thinking exactly the same. Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes, encircling my arms around Thea and Maira, a group hug. A family hug.

“Sorry for stepping on your moment, ladies.”

Before I could comprehend anything, the air shifted around us suddenly and an arm was instantly wrapped around my waist. I looked over my shoulder and bumped my head against something, forcing me to stay there against something warm. And then it was all a massive blur as I found myself stumbling back a little, the wrapped arm around my waist long gone. I looked around and realized we had been transported into one of the helicopters, or whatever the heck these things were called.

“Woah! Did he just..woah!” Thea exclaimed. Apparently he did..

My legs began to tremble and I began to feel dizzy. So much for surviving an attack that nearly paralyzed me.

“Charlie, are you alright?” I heard Thea say, I couldn’t see her anymore as my vision started to blur.

“I..uh..” I lost my balance and began tumbling forward. Thea tried to grab my arms but it was too late, I was moving forward and inches away from hitting the ground.

A familiar arm wrapped around me and suddenly I was resting on the ground. A pair of deep blue eyes connected with mine in an instant, alert yet concerned a little. For me? I wasn’t sure.

“Are you alright?” he spoke, his voice thick with an accent. It was nice, surprisingly.

I found myself unable to formulate a reply, still lost in those eyes. Truthfully speaking, I was far from alright. My entire body was in agonizing pain, I could barely move so I simply lay there, staring into his eyes that seemed to be concerned for me.

“I’ll take it from here Mr. Fast.” I heard Thea say to the man, causing our eye contact to break all too soon. He stood up quickly, looking at me and then in an instant he was gone.

He was so fast. Just a blur.

I didn’t even know who he was to begin with, just knew he was working with the Avengers at the moment and trying to save the dying world I was currently a part of.


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