Endearment – Pietro Maximoff – Part Three


Darkness consumed me and I began to float away from the faint light that shone above me. I couldn’t feel anything. Strange noises echoed around me faintly and the darkness was becoming increasingly difficult to hold back from. I just wanted to let go, forever. But I wouldn’t let go. I couldn’t, not when I had so many responsibilities.

I woke with a gasp, the beeping sound of what I assumed was a monitor of some sort ringing in my ears like an alarm clock. My head was resting on something soft and my arms lay on either side of my body. Was I in a hospital?

“And she’s awake.” I heard a feminine voice speak.

I tried to open my eyes but I couldn’t do so, I realized that my entire body was incapable of moving at that moment. I could hear a faint buzzing noise, like a laser or something. I began to panic, what the hell was happening?

“Don’t worry Charlie, you’re absolutely safe.” a voice called out to me like a soothing balm and I instantly stopped worrying.

Oh well, I guess I was alive which meant something at least. I took deep breaths and attempted to open my eyes once again, slowly. It was so bright at first but my eyes began adjusting to the light. I was in a very bright room, obviously, and the walls along with the ceiling were completely white with the exception of lights hanging from above. Those were just bright little suckers. Tired eyes wandered over to my bashed up body and I saw something almost resting on top of my abdomen, it was just hovering there while a neon light swiped left to right. I looked around slowly and came face to face with a woman, she smiled at me warmly but I knew she was in pain due to the bruises on her skin. She was also the one whose voice I had been listening to moments ago. She had very unique features despite the bruises. A perfect round face, porcelain skin and a full fringe covering her forehead. She was so beautiful.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Helen Cho. How do you feel?” she spoke to me, eyes genuinely concerned.

I attempted to speak but was unable to, my mouth was dry and it hurt. I swallowed hard and tried to reply back, voice croaky and barely recognizable.

“Like…I’m dying.” I whimpered.

She smiled sadly at me. “Well, you’re not wrong with that. Practically all of us were.” she murmured, eyes wandering around the machine above my abdomen.

“Where…are my sisters?” I asked. It was killing me, it was the only thing going through my mind. I wanted to know if they were alright, and also. How long had I been asleep?

“I’m sorry, you needed to rest for a while so I told them to take a break and offered to stay here myself.” Dr. Cho replied.

“..and exactly how long have I been asleep?” I asked, almost fearing the response.

“You were brought here about 3 days ago.” Dr. Cho responded.

My eyes widened in surprise, those two numpties were here for three whole days? Thea, I understand why she would stay with me but Maira too? I was seriously going to have a word with those two.

“Please tell me they didn’t stay in here the whole time, bathroom breaks not included.” I groaned, pressing my head into the soft pillow.

Dr. Cho smiled at me softly and then turned away as she scanned through some papers.

“I’m afraid they did, but I wouldn’t be too hard on them. They were worried sick for you, rightfully so. You were in a terrible condition when they brought you here.” Dr. Cho began to explain exactly what parts of me had been badly injured.

I had been shattered, sort of speaking. I remember feeling a lot of pain but not being able to pinpoint it anywhere other than my back. But I had fractured my right arm, sprained my wrists, broken a couple of ribs, sprained my ankles and most likely suffered a concussion. I was prohibited from moving.


Dr. Cho mentioned a few more injuries but everything she said went over my head after a while. How was I even alive? I should have dropped dead the moment I suffered that many injuries, but I didn’t. Okay, I might have been exaggerating but somehow, this was a miracle. I was actually a miracle, sort of speaking.

“I can’t believe I’m even alive right now..” I blurted out.

“The world of science is forever discovering. You’re alive because you’re not going anywhere any time soon.”

“Now, I won’t be a bother to you. Your recovering really well at the moment, everything seems normal, including your heart rate.” Dr. Cho stated, turning away suddenly and facing me with a smile on her face.

“Thank you Doctor Cho.” I murmured, closing my eyes. Suddenly I felt extremely tired.

“Don’t thank me, it’s the Avengers that saved us all..” was all I heard before I dozed off.


I couldn’t remember how long I’d been asleep for but it felt like a long time. I felt a little bit better than I initially did when I had regained consciousness. My body was aching just a bit and I knew that I was dosed with a high amount of medication to feel that way. My eyes wandered around the huge room and caught Thea pacing back and forth, but Maira wasn’t to be seen anywhere. I moaned softly, causing her to stop pacing and look directly at me.

“Oh thank god!” She whispered, almost running towards me.

“I can’t believe I landed in a hospital bed at 20..” I mumbled, throat hurting me.

“Yeah.” She laughed, grabbing the glass of water on the side table next to me. She pulled the bed up via the remote control and set it slightly higher so I could drink properly. It was still hard as I was unable to move. Thea placed the glass near my dry lips as I began to take little sips of water.

“Not just any hospital, it’s the Avengers’ private hospital. Also known as the Avengers Tower.”

Wait, what? We were…what?

“I know, pretty crazy right?” Thea chuckled. I wouldn’t call it crazy, it was rather unbelievable and absolutely not true.

“I mean, I should have known that but, really?” I asked.

She nodded excitedly. Okay, wow. I was in fact, inside the Avengers Tower.

“And may I ask where Maira is? Just because I was knocked out doesn’t mean you get to leave her alone Thea.” I scolded her.

She rolled her eyes at me and said “Relax, will you? She’s pretty occupied right now because unlike you and me, she has a rocking social life.”

I couldn’t argue with that. She did have a better social life than the two of us combined.

“I didn’t tell you the best part.” She said a moment later. How could this get any better than it already was?

“We’re staying here now!”

The sudden announcement spooked me as I began to cough violently. Thea patted my back lightly, giggling. Wow. I really did hit my head pretty badly. I was seeing and hearing things.

“There, there. I know how you feel sister.” She giggled as I struggled to breathe properly.

Okay, what the heck was going on? What was the proper explanation to whatever Thea was speaking of? We were going to stay here? With the Avengers? And most importantly, why?

So many questions went through my mind, none which Thea could even other answering. As I was about to ask her another set of questions, the automatic doors opened and in came an extremely happy Maira in the arms of, wait was that Captain America? And to the left of Maira was another grown man, looking equally delighted as she was.

Hang on.

Wasn’t that, him?

Okay, now I was definitely seeing things.


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